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Psychology 2060 psych chapter 8 notes.doc

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Psychology 2060
Hayden Woodley

Psychology 2060 Chapter 8 NotesJob and Organizational Attitudes Affect and BehaviorsJob Attitudes and AffectJob Attitude Stable view or opinion of a specific person group organization job or situationAffect involves moods and emotionsJob Affect Refers to ones feelings about workWhy Do We Care about Attitudes2 main reasons1Research has shown that our attitudes strongly influence our behaviors2These attitudes are important for their own sakeWarr 1987 argued that it is important to study job satisfaction not only because it may influence turnover and absences but because having happy workers is important in and of itselfJob SatisfactionJob satisfaction The extent to which people enjoy their job may include all aspects surrounding their work eg pat supervisor coworkersOne of the most studied constructs in work domainKemery BedeianRawson Zacur 1996 noted job affect is only the feeling component of job satisfactionDefinition and Theories of Job Satisfaction3 aspects of job satisfaction1Cognition Involves thoughts and beliefs about your jobeg I have a good job2AffectInvolves your feelings about your jobeg I like my job3Behaviorsinvolve how you behave at work eg I will go above and beyond what is expected of me in my jobOne issue around measurement of job satisfaction involves whether it is better to measure global work satisfaction or to measure specific facets or components of satisfactionMost measures ask about the components of the jobResearchers argue that it is better to use measures that look at various facets of the job to obtain more detailed information on job satisfactionGlobal satisfaction is not simply the sum of facet scalesGeneral scales tend to be more highly correlated with the work subscales than any of the facet scalesWanous Reichers and Hudy 1997Found that one item measure of job satisfaction was correlated 067 with longer measures of job satisfaction that included facetsof the job
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