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Psychology 2075
William Fisher

November 14 2012 – Contraception and Abortion Sex Leads to Babies  We can stop perm production by finding a compound that inhibits sperm production  Cut the vans deferens to inhibit sperm transportation  Baseline economic status is a better predictor of whether or not an individual will have a baby in their teenaged years  One of the earliest efforts by the plan parenthood of Ontario was to create a pregnancy map of Ontario; defining geographically of every health unit of the province  Areas in green – low pregnancy, yellow – average, red – higher lines – increase dots – decreasing  This was to create responsibility in each health unit, this received dedicated provincial funding for the creation of birth control clinics in every health unit in Ontario  Rural satellite units had the lowest pregnancy rates Late 80’s early 90’s  Fisher and colleagues created Canadian Guidelines for Sexual health education  Promoted more effective and more relevant reproductive health education in schools  Live births and abortions dropped this is a “microcosm” example about how health systems reform and effective relevant reproductive education can have “hard outcomes” for reproductive health  Maintenance and Abstinence and the maintenance of contraceptive behaviour Contraception: taking the worry out of being close  An individual who provided birth control was liable to imprisonment  As long as the person was married you could provide these birth control services  Tube committees: if your age and number of children was over 40 you were entitled to a permanent surgical sterilization  The Church - Contraception turns marriage into prostitution For the Public Good  Albert Kaufman – Kitchener Ontario o Rubber manufacturer, very supportive of the welfare of the people who worked for him and hired social workers to provide social support for employees  Dorthea Palmer o provided birth control information and was put on trial in 1936 but not convicted  Elizabeth Bagshaw o during the depression the “carnage” of women to have more children than their bodies and families could support merited the creation of the birth control clinic and it failed miserably because no one would rent an office to a female physician who was going to provide birth control advice Winning access to birth control – UWO  Could NOT provide contraception for single female students Barbara and George Cadbury  Gastified that a pharmacist named Harold fine? Had been apprehended and fined for selling condoms to someone who was not married  They were involved in international family planning  They opened a birth control opposite the downtown police headquarters in T.O.  They began funding the career of Elliot Tredeau who claimed that the state has no business in the bedroom of the country  Canada had the 2 highest abortion rate next to India  Morgantaler o Survived Aushzwitz o Got a medical degree in Canada – couldn’t get into mccgill b/c against Jews o Lots of desperate women came to him begging for an abortion and he told them all no until he finally said yes to one of them o He knew that the alternative was the “back ally” and so he began to preform them o He was arrested in Quebec and put through trial; the jury unanimously to convict him although he admitted it o They saw abortion as something necessary for women in Quebec o Overturned the equittle without the benefit of any firther trial and put him in jail for 18 months o The government decided they were no longer going to prosecute him for abortions o 1988 – there had been trials and equives ?  Abortion law was not constitutional – parliament decline to enact a replacement law and to this day there are no abortion laws in Canada Abortion Remains Controversial  Morgantalers clinic was blown up in toronto in 1992  1994 – phsyciain who performed abortions in Vancouver was shot  1995 – phsyciain in Hamilton shot  1997 – Winnipeg shot  2000 – physician in Vancouver stabbed  Free standing morgentaler clinics in various cities across Canada  Some provinces will not pay the bill for these clincis and they will take place in a hospital Todays Newspaper  Abortion debate erupts in Ireland after death of critically ill women denied abortion Contraceptive Behaviou
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