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Western University
Psychology 2075

Chapter 2 Theoretical Perspectives on SexualityEvolutionary Persepctiveso Sociobiology some behaviours are a result of evolution o Sociobiologists believe that sexual behaviour evolved because gave our ancestors an evolutionary advantage o How do we chose a mate o 1 criterion physical attractiveness o we evaluate the characteristics that indicate health and vigor and therefore maybe related to reproductive potential o sociobiologists view courting as a way to assess the other persons fitness o ex spending money on the date ability to support a family o family structure of man women and children in every society because advantages of biparental care of offspring and bonding o pairbond between mother and father o attachment between infant and parent o offspring have better chance of survival if parents love eachother and emotional bonds o parental investment behaviourresources invested in offspringo divorced men will pay more money to support genetic kids then stepkids of a past relationship but will spend equal if stepkids are from current relationship to cement the pairbond o men show physio sex arousal with preffered partner but woman show arousal for preferred and non preferred partnerso woman who respond with vaginal lubrication less likely to be injured during unwanted sex or sex with someone they dont find attractive lessening the chance of injury o natural selection would have favoured woman who are aroused by a range of stimuli o sexual selection selection that results form differences in traits affecting access to mates o 1 Competition among one gender for acces to members of other gender males usually o 2Females usually prefer certain males and mate o theory predicts that men should compete by displaying material resources that should be attractive to women o criticisms of sociobiology sex just for reproduction which isnt true anymore today cant explain homosexualityEvolutionary Psychologyo focuses on how natural selection has shaped psychological mechanisms and processes rather than on hot it has shaped sex behaviour o sexual strategies females and males fae diff adaptive problems which lead to different behaviours to solve the problem
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