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Psych 2075

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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

PSYCH 2075 – March 13 th Sexuality Education  New testament – marriage is a vessel in which to contain evil passions  St. Augustine - forgivable sin, not a mortal sin  Medicines and the social Hygiene Movement: World War I o Export of huge numbers of Canadian and American young men into what was widely perceived as immoral Europe o Brought back syphilis and gonorrhea to Canada o STI’s were called social diseases – took until 1959 for them to be associated with health o Public health sex education to the community in an effort to deal with the STI’s brought from WWI o The word ‘syphilis’ could not be used in public  Medicine and Boys- Ten Sex Talks for Boys (Over the Age of 10) o Incursion of medicine into the sex ed. Domain o Shows the many negative consequences of sex o Not at any point in your life do you actually need to be sexual, it won’t hurt you if you’re not  Tex Sex Talks for Girls (Over the age of 14) o Talks about masturbation o There’s a natural way to be sexual and a perverse way to be sexual o Masturbation if indulged in to excess, will cause a breakdown of the nervous system and cause you to end your days in a madhouse or send you to an early grave o Ignorance is good “I would advise you strongly to remain in ignorance” ignorance is better than too much knowledge on this subject  Sex Education in the Schools th o Developed around the beginning of the 20 century o Had to do with very simple facts o Schools were supported by the gov’t and everyone had to go up until roughly the age of puberty – audience of mandatory attendees  Sexuality Education Goals o Goals fit perfectly with the 10 lectures for boys and girls and some of the saints  Ideologies of Sexuality Education o Restrictive ideology goal: suppression o We can at least make sexual control avoid negative outcomes  William Jefferson Clinton o Abstinence only – the bill was strengthened under his consent o Restrictive thrust to sexuality education  Secular Restrictive Sex Education in Canada  Religious Restrictive Sex Education in Canada o Topic # 5 – recognize and appreciate that intimate sexual activity exposes people to serious emotional , spiritual and physical harm  Catholic board overturns band on HPV vaccine – Calgary Herald o Matter of health – still going on in many religious settings across Canada, not in Calgary anymore  Sexist Ideologies in Sexuality Education o Studied sex education books designed for young children o Reproduction is feminized o Women don’t have a clitoris in the books  Ideologies of Sexuality Education o Permissive ideology – means were going to give permission for sexual expression, also called the sex positive approach, it’s a good thing you have permission to enjoy it  World Health Organization – slide after ^^ o Associated with permissive ideology  Restrictive Vs. Permissive: Welcome to the Sex Education Wars o Sex educators are pedophiles o Robbing people of their innocence when talking about sex  It isn’t premarital sex If you have no intentions of getting married  Permissive Sexuality Education is both comprehensive, non-judgemental o You could also argue that not being judgemental is problematic o Can be considered highly judgemental – by saying that sex is good and that if you haven’t done it yet you should , you should do it right and as often as you can etc.  Ontario Sex Education Curriculum o Somewhat restrictive, however, curriculum doesn’t really make a difference – it’s about who teaches it o Parents and guardians are the prime educators of their children, should be doing the job of sex education o Prof disagrees- parents often can’t perceive their child’s sex education needs o By end of gr 8 – students will explain the choice of absti
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