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Lecture from Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality Obtaining Sexual Information of a Child · Surveys- accuracy of recall and meaning of behavior · Therapy- Freudian psychoanalysis (Oral, Anal Oedipal) · Observation, interviews with children (ethical and legal issues) Kinsey Study Interviewed kids age 4-14, finding published after this death His findings were questions from allegations from Dr. Reisman In his defense Kinsey stated that he got his information from adults recalling their own childhood, teachers who had observed kids and older perverted men who had experiences with kids. Findings Male kids sex play- 52% homosexual and 34% heterosexual Female kids sex play- 35 homo and 37 hetero Female nudity in home- blue collar- never and white collar 44 Male nudity in home- blue collar 13 and white collar 40 Masterbation- guys 56 and females 30 Boys Sex knowledge- blue collar knew about most stuff by 8-10, white collar surpassed knowledge but at Later age Source- Blue collar- Peers White Collar- Mostly Mom father teachers etc Girls Sex Knowledge- less overall then boys Blue collar- 50 know about intercourse 25 know about menstruation White collar- 75 for both Source- Blue collar mostly from peers but only 35 White collar 75 from mom etc Floyd Martinson- book on child sex 1. Infacny (0->2): Erections, masturbation, infant gazin patting, non genital sensual experiences that include bathing and cuddling. Avoidant Secure and Anxious attachment styles formed with mother. 2. Early Childhood (3-7)- Masturbation (learns its private), Same sex play with own gender, Other sex behavior like playing doctor Data shows that boys and girls triy to see others nude, walk around nude, masterbate with hand touch others genitals and dress the opposite sex. Family nudity correlated to Sexual behavior. 3. Preadolescense (8-12)- Puberty, may experience first sexual attraction, homosexuals might do some questioning. Boys peer discovered masturbation and girls self discovery of masturbation. Data shows that reported masturvation and trying to and walking around nude decreases. And for Girls at this age family nudity influenced sexual behavior. 4. Adolescence (13-19)- intense sexual interest with high testosterone levels and permissive attitudes for males and females. Females also pubertal development, church attendance and father absence. Males peak masturbation earlier then Females. Onset of reproductive capability Onset of Sexual activity in teens, serial sexual partners Woman- 27 percent 15-17 had sex and 53 had more then one partner, 33 percent always used a condom but 60 used contraceptive and 5 ever had an sti and 4 had unplanned pregnancy Abortion BUT pregnancy, birth rate and abortion on the decline STI risk is bad it is INCREASING Montreal Uni woman acquisition high for any type of HPV Adolescent Sexual Behaviour Ira Reiss- discovered four standard behaviours 1. Abstinence- wrong for both males and females to have sex 2. Permissiveness with affection- sex with love and commitment 3. Permissiveness without affection- sex with physical attraction 4. Double Standard- Acceptable for males not females Canada youth HIV/AIDS STUDY- highschool students, not fully represented Sexual Attraction- grade 9 and 11 mostly herosexual Steady bf/gf- Most had atleast one by grade 9 Sexual behavior- by grade 11 most first base stuff experience as long as 40 intercourse Sexual Intercourse- Grade 11 Females fucked more and had more sex then males. Females tend to have one partner at a time while males more. Ont that significant though. Casual Sex Hook up- not friends FWB – friends (marriage age has increased but onset of puberty decreased) Hook Up- very little gender difference and most university students have experienced some form of it. Most of it accored at a Party effects: depressed before less depressed after hook up. Not the same for not depressed before though. Better sex less regret and more positive then negative feelings. Friends with benefits- 60 percetn have had it. Fuck buddies are friends because of fucking and friends with benefits pre existing. Contraception Stupid Fisher Model- Erotophillia vs Erotophobic Self Acceptance (Erotophobic Less for this)-> Acquiring Contraceptive (Erotophobic less marks for contraception unit)->Bringing up Negotiating->Public Contraceptive acts (Erotophobia don’t visit Contraception clinics)->Consistent practice (Condoms and pills most popular practice, 45 used both 17 used withdraw—74 always)->Shifting Preventive Scripts. Lecture notes Adulthood and Aging Most negative attitudes towards old sex is among younger nurses and nurses in nursing homes. Do Parents actually have sex? Daughters and Sons thought mother and father had coitus few times or never a year. The perception for everything was less then what Kinsey found out. Married With Children 550 Couples with five: homemaker, part-time, full time. Fifth month of pregnancy- slight but nonsignificant decline for full time. Fourth month Postpartum- significant decline for full time for intercourse, frequency and husband satisfaction. One year Postpartum- Returns to baseline These three categories had little to do with sexual satisfaction of either partner. Wives Satisfaction: based on fatigue, work satisfaction, and husbands work satisfaction Husbands Satisfaction: based on his and his wifes work satisfaction Getting Older Decline in incident began at 50 plus. 35 percent of couple continued to have sex Sexually active couple keep their frequency as they get older Rosemary Basson- woman rarely spontaneously think about sex Data: Woman motivated to engage in sex for love and pleasure. Woman LESS likely to lack interest in sex then never married or divorced women. No major Kinsey Internation couple study on what makes a relationship satisfying Sample from all around the world and median age around 50 with length mean of 25 What correlates to individuals sexual satisfaction? Individual Characteristics: kiss and cuddle, relationship happiness, frequency, importance of orgasms Partner: Good health kiss and cuddle relationship happiness all the other shiet. What changes in males as they get older? · Attitude toward sex, health, role change (no one to support) · Partner’s sexual attitudes and sex function · Society attitudes to sex and aging · Age, late onset of hypogonadism, TURP or radical prostatectomy, ED, other diseases caused by ED, Comorbid conditions, and Medications · Less Testosterone as you get older What changes in Woman · Attitude toward sex, health, role change · Partners sexual attitudes
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