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Lecture Notes for Attraction and Love 1.doc

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Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Lecture Notes for Attraction and Love 1 Attraction -Liking and positive evaluation of the other. Platonic or sexual Bryne’s Law of Attraction= f ( Said that positive reinforcement drives attraction) What is this reinforcement we seek? · Attitude similiraity- drives interpersonal attraction because it is reinforcing Laboratory studies- Brynes Standard Stranger Technique using similar or dissimilar bogues stranger and an interpersonal scale. · Results showed that sexual attitude similarity Is important in opposite sex heterosexual dyads. Real Life Study- Couples sent on a coca cola date to the student center and interpersonal, physical proximity and follow up were assed. · Males- Interpersonal distance greater for dissimilar, but remembers dates name and has dates since for similar. · Females- Same as males. Exception- For emotionally troubles people similar attitude is punishing and will drive avoidance. Physical Attraction The value of physical attractiveness indicates youth and fertility. More important in Males then Females. Proven by Buss Mate Selection Study on This- Men want goodlooking, younger, steady job doesn’t matter, earn less then them and have less education then them. Woman don’t care much about looks but want older steady job and more money and education. Necessities versus luxuries Mens necessities- Attractiveness and Intelligence Luxuries- Creativity, Social, talents, income Woman- Intelligence and Income Luxuries- friendliness, personality (social) Attractive Features for: Men- Facial Feature and Waist to Hip ratio… WHY? Because it is linked to youth, health and ability to conveive and sustain pregnancy. High estrogen levels in between menopause and puberty. O.70 is the hip ratio with the most estrogen. Higher ratios more health problems. Singh obtained measurements from miss America and playboy and found the hip waist ratio to be about 0.7. Facial Features- even colored skin, clear eyes shiny hair etc. Facial symmetry is a signal of generic quality. Male and female facial also say something about the hormones. Facial symmetry- Asymmetry indicates mal development. Males rating for long affected most by facial symmetry. Hormoes Males- Testosterone affects facial features Also larg
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