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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes - Fisher In Class

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Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Vishal Patel Lecture 2: Scientific Study of Sex : Intro and History The study of sex is part of core psychological science. Sex is part of many disciplines, but very few disciplines decide to study sex. 1. Clinical : helping people with psychological problems 2. Biological: identifying regions of brain activity when doing different activity. 3. Developmental: changes throughout lifelong development 4. Personality: studying how personality and characteristics differ from one person to another 5. Social: social interactions 6. Evolutionary: looks at intelligence, gender role. They don’t really study sex, even though sex is the reason for evolution. Sex Research is Core Social Science 1. Sociology 2. Anthropology 3. Economics 4. History Sex Research is Core medical Science 1. Anatomy 2. Physiology 3. Biochemists: molecular basis of sexuality 4. Endocrinology 5. Virology: sexually transmitted diseases. Core discipline of psychological science, social science and medical science provide justification to study sex. Alfred Kinsey: Vishal Patel o He was a bug specialist o He entered sex research because in university he was forced to teach a marriage family (sex) course o He needed to get research, but he found very little information. o He took sexual history of many men and women o Categorized information based on age and sexual behaviour o He measures religiosity, amount of sex, educations status and social class fo the surveyors. o All the info was put in the Kinsey Volumes. Social Comparison Theory: human beings have a drive to compare activities with a standard to figure out whether or not we are normal. We can compare what we do with what other similar people do. In terms of sex, we rarely have the chance to talk about sexual activities with others. Kinsey Volumes provided comparisons that could be made. People need to Know about Sex  Adherence – consistency in which people follow medicine intake (birth control, condoms)  Third most common contraception in Canada is withdrawal. Sex Leads to Babies - Canadian contraception study asked 100 women about contraception use. 28% of population experienced unplanned pregnancies. Sex Leads to Abortions: - Most abortions in Canada (38-45%) are repeat pregnancies. o Victim of sexual assault o Vitim of intimate violent partner. Physically abused. - Abortions differ if you are married or not.   Abortion: 28%--50% --14% --40% --2% Vishal Patel Sex Leads to Infections - Average age of virginity loss is 16. Average age of marriage is 31. By marriage we may have many monogamous partners which increases chances of getting an STD. HPV (human papilloma virus)  Some HPV is Low risk, which means warts.  Some HPV is high risk, which can cause cancer potentially..  Most people will get some form of HPV (LR most likely) in their sexual career.  HPV testing is usually DNA testing Sexuality And Relationships:  One member might answer different about their sex compared to their partner  ATTACHMENT SECURE : GOOD WITH RELATIONSHIPS IN TERM SOF SEXUALITY. VERY CLOSE  ATTACHMENT AVOIDANCE: AVOID ANY CLOSENESS, TRY NOT TO BE CLOSE  ATTACHMENT ANXIOUS: CONTANTLY MONITOR RELATIONSHIP FOR REJECTION. Sexual Disability  ISD: inhibited sexual desire: MY sexual desire is much lower than I want it to be.  Coital Pain : pain during intercourse  Rapid Ejaculation; men ejaculate faster than I would like Vishal Patel Sexual Assault - Being forced to have sexual intercourse for man and women - More common in adults, but can also start with young people. - More common for unmarried Science and pseudo speciation - Most species exhibited aggression towards its
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