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Lecture 1 - Fisher in class notes

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Western University
Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Lecture 1: Course Introduction Dr. William Fisher -It all started with pornography , he viewed lots of porn and this is what got him interested in the field.  “People with the most negative emotional response to porn…. Had the most children” – true 1. SEXUAL EMOTIONS -emotions that people have toward sexual material is very intense, characteristic, and everyone has a different view. Some may view is negatively and some may view it positively. 2. CONTRACEPTION IS HARD TO DO: -contraception means using protection while performing sexual activity, and this is hard. - First we have to learn about contraception, then we have to anticipate intercourse (will today be the night?) - then we have to acquire contraception 9going to gas station to buy condoms) - Then we have to communicate with partner about the use of contraception -and we have to be consistent with the use of contraception. 3. SEXUAL EMOTIONS DRIVE SELECTIVE USE OR AVOIDANCE OF CONTRACEPTION -people who have a negative emotion towards sex/porn are less likely to know about contraception and less likely to get it. Dr. Fisher arrival on campus There was a high rise of pregnancy on campus and Dr.Fisher had to do something about this. So there was a CAMPUS WIDE INTERVENTION created. -disinhibit negative emotions towards use of contraceptives
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