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Sexual Response&Techniques

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Western University
Psychology 2075
Leslie Janes

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 Chapter 7: Sexual Response&Techniques Sexual Arousal - The Role of Hormones • androgens (male hormones) - testosterone the most important in male sexual arousal • produced by testes and adrenal glands • estrogen man sexual arousal hormone in women - not as significant role as testosterone - produced by ovaries - female bodies do produce small amount of testosterone and vice versa - Organizing and activating effects • sex in the womb • organizing effects cause permanent changes on an individual starting in the womb • activating effect decide how much sexual desires one will have • hormones in male sexual behaviour - testosterone • castration: removes testosterone from the male body; usually reduces sex drive and activity - often can still engage in sexual activities though - sex offenders that are castrated, does not mean they will stop offending (proves that offenders motivation is not sexual drives but other psychology motives) 1 Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - in a virgin male all sexual desires may be gone - in men already sexual active, they are usually still able to partake • hormones in female sexual behaviour - ERT(estrogen replacement therapy) used by women when experiencing greater discomfort during menopause - testosterone very important to a women’s sex drive (some research suggests this) - women sexual behaviour more constraint throughout history; thus they have to self regulate their sexual behaviour more so than men - women given both estrogen and testosterone to up their sex drive - estrogen more significant in lubrication not desire - testosterone increases female libido - more isn’t better • high levels of testosterone in both genders can have a negative effect • low levels will result in lower sex drive - women’s cells more sensitive to testosterone (thus a little goes a longer way in women) - The Brain • also a sex organ that differentiates us from other animals • Cerebral Cortex (higher brain) affects thinking - imagination, fantasy (when masturbating, causes arousal) - if influenced that sex is negative, then the individual will have negative views • some women can have orgasm through fantasy only (power of the brain) 2 Tuesday, November 12, 2013 • limbic system effects feeling and behaviour (motivation and emotion) - men: when shown pornographic images, limbic system light sup • electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus triggers arousal - true in both humans and animals - The Senses • Touch, the dominant “sexual sense” - solo or partner; touching makes a huge difference - primary and secondary erogenous zones (areas that are sexually primed) • Primary Zones: lots of nerve endings - centrally the genitals: clitoris, penis - ears, armpits, neck, mouth, inner things, breasts • Secondary Zones: with repeated pairing will lead to sex - if a back massage always led to sex between partners, it will cause automatic arousal over time • Vision next in dominance - undressing each other - Victoria Secret’s ideology of the visual of the body - more popular with males than females - pornography - research shows more women prefer reading erotica than looking at explicit magazines • Sense of Smell can arousing or offending - Pheromones 3 Tuesday, November 12, 2013 • have been found to have some impact on sexual behaviour • not sure how it works • babies can identify their mother; suspected through pheromones from mother’s breast milk • women, if smelt another women’s armpit scent, their menstrual cycles will synchronized • Taste plays a minor role • Hearing plays a variable role - music is conditioning - Aphrodisiacs • thought to create desire where there wasn’t desire • Foods&Substances - foods that often resemble genitals • banana, cucumber, rhino horns • oysters, tomatoes mussels • Viagra - purpose initial for aging men going through erectile disorders - now often used to enhance sexual activity • does not increase desire • Alcohol - makes consensual sex impossible 4 Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - lowers inhibitions - drink or 2 will enhance sexual performance; will not be as self conscious (low levels may enhance arousal) - large amounts have negative effects • Other Drugs - Cocaine (stimulant) • frequent users find their sexual ability lessen - Marijuana - “Spanish fly?” • a substance extract from a spanish beetle used to burn off warts • irritates urinary tract causing a burning sensation that may be mistaken for arousal • toxic - Anaphrodisiacs • Drugs - heroine and morphine (opiates) - tranquillizers - anti-depressants • can delay ejaculations • new products that are made specifically not to affect sexual desire - birth control — Depo Provera (used in chemical castration in repeat sexual offenders, mainly in Europe) • progestin lowers testosterone 5 Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - smoking • nicotine constricts blood vessels, slows vasocongestive response • reduce testosterone levels Sexual Response Masters & Johnson - basic physiological sources of arousal in both men and some • Vasocongestion : blood fills body tissue (penis/vaginal walls) • Myotonia: increased muscle tension (orgasm) - Masters & Johnson’s Four Phases • Excitement - vary from less than a minute to several hours - muscle tension begins - heart rate increases - engorgement of genitals - sex rash (sex blush) - blood pressure increases • Plateau - physiological arousals increases further more - heart rate even high - clitoris engorge, may withdraw in the hood - engorgement of outer 1/3 of vagina - blood pressure even higher 6 Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - prolonging this stage can result in a greater orgasm - more muscle te
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