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Lecture 3

William Fisher Lecture 3 in class notes

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Psychology 2075
William Fisher

Theoretical Approaches to Understanding Human Sexuality Theories: they are testable explanations concerning causes of sexual phenomena. A theory is an empirical testable expkanaiton for sexual or any other phenonicon. Emperical is data that is obserbaly and we can all agree on it.  Huge difference between having children attraction (pediophilia) and attacting on it (child molestation)  Some children are molested by people who have no children attraction  There are structural brain difference  If we test a theory and if it is valid, it enables us to understand sucal behaviour by providing us with a observable account of sexual behabious.  James Canter had MRI study done to show brain difference in pedophiles. There are important structural brain differences.  Also enables us to predict when events will occur.  Theories help us control behaviour, if we can change A, then B and C will no longer occur. Import: other theres imported to explain sexual behaviour. Indiggenious: theroies developed just to explain sexual behabiour. FREUD: parent of psychoanalyisis -psychonoalays address what causes human behaviours  Created 3 part model  Disharmony: constant unciousn conflict  We are born with strong aggressive sexual insticts:libido  Every baby born with unrestrained and sexual sexual impulses. We develop 3 processes that help us control our impulses.  ID = it just WANTS, it creates hunger for sex and aggression. Very strong and pushy. It wants immediate pleasure. No connection to reality.  EGO = contact with reality, the ego holds the id in check.  SUPEREGO = it only wants moral pleasure. Causes constnac unciouns conflict. Wants morally acceptable behaviour.  Sexual urge is fltered through ego and super ego so our sexual urge is shown is a morally acceptable way. Development  Child can grow up as a oral incorpartive.  Anal (anal stage) – bowel movement, provides protype of satisfaction thorugh shitting. They become anally informative (don’t talk much)  Phallic Stage (genetials) – kids become interested in genetials and they stimulate them. They become interested in sexual stimulation. *** BOYS stimulate genetias, and then notice that girls don’t have a penis. Little boys go through oedipal complex. Little boy falls in love with his mother, The problem is dad, because he interferes with love with mother. The boy gets castration anxiety, they thinkt hat girls used to have penisiss an they fell in love with mother so that the father removed the girls penis. Through a process called IDENTIFICATION  the boy learns from his dad  Child resolves by identifying and adapting masculine characteristics. Masculaitunion is product of castration anxiety.  GIRLS they love mother and they notice that they themselves dot have a penis. They get penis envy. Girls want what boys have. They identify with mother. The girl femizinises and they acquire female charactertistics.  Castration anxiety is what keeps men very manly.  For girls the castration is occurred so they have no Anxiety. So the sex role (women) is much more broad. Mature Sexuality o Little boys get attracted to women and vice versa. o Vaginal intercourse is mature but clitorial (masturbate) orgasm is immature. o Little boys rasied by single mom don’t have castration anxiety. There is no evidence of increased homosexuality. The kids still grow up normally. Theory of Reasoned Action o What determines human behaviour o Behaviour – B o We form an intention and plan that we create. Behcviaour intentions are formulated on the basis on attitude toward specific actions and subjective (social) norms. o People that are importnant to us are happy with our planned ac
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