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Psychology 2075
Michelle Everest

Human Sexuality Lecture One September 13 , 2012h Introduction to Theoretical Perspectives on Sexuality Sexual Health Perspective - State of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being - Not merely the absence of o Sex-position approach o Respectful communication o Rejecting stereotypes Masturbation: Back in the day people were told that masturbation was a sin and is a cause of blindness. No one thought that females would touch themselves so the punishment was directed towards males. In todays society it is seen as a normal and natural thing, can be seen as a release. WHO Universal Sexual Rights - Sexual Freedom - Sexual autonomy, integrity and safety - Sexual privacy - Sexual equality - Sexual pleasure - Sexual expression - Sexually associate freely - Free and responsible reproductive choices - Sexual information based on scientific inquiry - Comprehensive sexuality education - Sexual health care Definitions and Terminology What is Sex? - Sexual Behaviour: behaviour that produces arousal and increases the chance of orgasm This is a working definition, anything that promotes a sexual act or may help the chances of orgasm. Freud and Havelock have advanced the science of sexuality. Victorian Era Very prude era, males were very sexual and females were not. Men were supposed to be faithful to wives but if needs were not satisfied they can go out and get satisfied. Did not focus on pleasure, just genetic make. - Queen Victoria 1819 1901 - A 60 year span where English society lived in an atmosphere of sexual repression and rigidity - Strict public standards of decency and purity were enforced o Hypocrisy prevailed - Huge private underground vices of pornography and prostitution that some Victorians indulged in while out of public view - Different norms for males and females Freud - Victorian Era medical doctor - Rigid rules around sexuality - Heterosexual assumptions - Sexuality for married couples o For the purpose of procreation o Pleasure of the act not prioritized o Gender differences in desire and pleasure assumed Psychological Perspective - Psychoanalysis o Unconscious mind Contents of the mind that lie outside of conscious awareness - Freud delved into the subconscious mind through: o Psychotherapy o Dream analysis o Free association technique Psychoanalysis - Unlocked individuals knowledge of their erogenous zones o Parts of the body responsive to sexual stimulation Freuds work challenged the prevailing concept of mind-body dualism - Dualism was the prevailing assumption of biomedicine Dr. Cleia Mosher - Challenged Victorian Era assumptions about female desire and sexuality - US based qualitative study spanned 30 years (N =47) - Findings challenge dominant assumptions o Women experienced desire for intercourse (80%) o Women experienced orgasm (72%) Henry Havelock Ellis (1859 1939) - Sexologist o Studied medicine at St. Thomass Hospital o Was impotent until age 60 o Was aroused by the sight of women urinating (called undinism) Sexual Inversion (1897) - One of Elliss most important works, the first English medical text on homosexuality - He also developed the concepts of: o Autoerotism masturbation toolso Narcissism very selfish personality Magnus Hirshfeld (1868 1935) - Physician from Germany - Sexologist - Gay rights advocate - Founder of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee o Group intended to conduct research in the defense of homosexuals rights and to repeal a section in the German penal code that had criminalized homosexuality. Nazis got ahold of his studies and destroyed them. - Died in exile in Nice Media and Pop Culture Influences on Sexuality Today - Canadian, U.S influenced - Internet allows an international influence - Social networking sites - Sound bites of information o Not critically evaluated What is Normal Sexual Behaviour? - How do we learn the meaning of behaviours? o Religion, Media o Family of origin o Community norms - How do we learn the etiquette of forming intimate relationships? - More stds ar
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