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Lecture 6

lecture 6 notes

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Western University
Psychology 2810
Doug Hazlewood

Psychology 2800E lecture 6 descriptive and correlational methods 1Hermeneutics the principles of interpretation of a texts meaning y A methodology that focuses on interpretation more than causation y Ie question being asked is NOT why did the behavior happen but rather what did the behavior mean Part 1 naturalistic observations A Basic features a Researcher plays passive role observes but doesnt participate b Participants are observed in natural setting c Procedures are unobtrusive ps dont know they are being observed d Nonreactive no attempt to influence ps behavior e Read MW opposite definitions of unobtrusive and nonreactive B Not the same as casualinformal observations a Four decisionsi Purpose of the study what to observe particular things to observer instead of everything ii Where observations will take place iii Who the participants are iv How the observations are going to be recorded see p232234 A Be systematic define everything and keep every concise B Be selective know what you are studying dont have too much to observe C Make use of recording devices D Content analysis who says what to whom why to what extent and with what effect Analyze for both manifest frequency and latent interpretation meaning content C Examples p222226 involve observing actual behaviors as they occur a Erving Goffman 1971 observed people bumping into each other on the street and concluded that people engage in rituals of looking at each other and giving signals to indicate their intention to pass on one side or the othercausal observation b Collett and Peter Marsh 1974 placed a videotape recorder on the seventh floor of a building overlooking a busy pedestrian intersection Concluded that men 75 of the time turned to face the other person while women 17 turned away Hypothesized that women turned away to avoid brushing the other person with their breasts used arm cross more than mennaturalistic observation
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