Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Symbolic Interactionism

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Published on 30 Jan 2013
Symbolic Interactionism Theory Related to SIGNS Video
Luke Kazman
The short video SIGNS by Patrick Hughes is about a depressed office worker named Jason. Jason
dislikes his job, is very lonely, and does not have any friends or family that he can talk to. When
he finally meets Stacey through the window everything changes. He looks content going to
work, rushes to get to work and finally starts showing some happy facial expressions. The video
SIGNS can be related to the Symbolic Interactionism theory because Jason chooses how to act
based on how other people around him act. He is unaware of what facial expressions to express
at the right times. For example, during the film all of his employees were laughing while sitting
around a table and he only started to laugh because the people around him were laughing. He
was unaware of how he should behave and take action until he saw the others around him
laughing and then he decided that he’s going to act based on how the people around him are
acting and behaving. The Symbolic Interactionism theory is a psychological theory that attempts
to explain how individuals choose how they will act based on their perceptions of themselves
and of others and the video SIGNS is a good representation of this theory.
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