Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Lucid Dream, Kubla Khan, Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Dreams have been recognized as the motivation and inspiration for major
achievements in many fields of study, including sciences, film, literature, and music. The
video mentions how Einstein credits his inspiration for discovering the speed of light to a
dream he once had. Bruce Damer (the NASA designer) and Neils Bohr are among the
few mentioned for having credited their success to what they experienced in dreams.
Dreams have also affected many individuals beyond the scientific field. In the film
industry, James Cameron, the director of Avatar, has mentioned lucid dreams as being
the inspiration for one of his famous movie scenes. As well, Chris Nolan, the director of
Memento and The Dark Knight, credits his inspiration to produce Inception was from his
own lucid dreams. In the field of music, Beethoven, Wagner, and Mozart pointed to
dreams as the source of their inspiration for their masterpieces. As well, former Beatle
Sir Paul McCartney says that he dreamed the tune for his well-known song Yesterday.
In literature, poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge is said to have composed his most famous
piece of work Kubla Khan after dreaming. his most famous pieces of work. It is also
believed that Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is based on his experiences from
a lucid dream. All of these examples are perfect examples of how creativity can arise
from lucid dreams. I posted three very interesting articles on the internet that discuss
how and why people have creative dreams. They argue that creative dreams arise by
the mind presenting solutions to a certain individuals problems that it could not
determine in its conscious state. I highly suggest everyone to take a look at these
articles because they are very interesting and provide a possible explanation for why
lucid dreams occur.
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