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Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Psych, Psychosurgery, Lobotomy

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PSYCH 1000

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Sept 6, 2012
Psych 1000- Dr. Mike Atkinson
What is psychology?
Study Tips
Next Time: Introduction & History
Scna: Chpt. 1, pages 2-19
The brain (that controls our behavior, neural communications)-made by
The mind (created by the brain, part of conscious awareness), can’t get it
easily, doesn’t have physical existence. See stuff that doesn’t exist
(illusion), mind is telling you something that doesn’t exist.
Learning: learn stuff by watching television (media), influencing them.
Clinical Issues
o Psychosurgery: brain surgery in the absence of obvious organic
o Moniz (1935): supervises about 100 prefontal lobotomies. Over
next 20 years-40,000 in U.S. alone. Simple procedure…”Ice-Pick”
performed on outpatient basis. Pre-fontal lobes “control” emotion,
therefore separate from rest of brain. Patients become more docile,
apathetic, severe blunting of emotion, intellectual problems, & can
be terminal.
*Helps us to understand why people behave in different ways.
Study Tips
1. Relax.. don’t get stressed out.
2. Ask for help if you need it.
3. There is a lot of biology involved in psychology.
4. Don’t be intimidated by class size.
5. Take Student Development Centre Workshops (how to manage time,
prepare for exams, how to do multiple choice exams)
6. Take section 001
7. Read text and make notes before class (everyday).
8. Don’t miss class.
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