Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Verbal Fluency Test, Kinesics, Proxemics

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Published on 16 Apr 2013
Nonverbal Behaviour
January, 22, 2013
Next Time: Motivation
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o Paralanguage
o Facial Expressions
o Body Movement
o Eye Contact
o Interpersonal Distance
o What are the major nonverbal channels?
o Are emotions universal?
o Is eye contact aversive?
Males have better hand eye coordination than females
Causes of Autism?
o Brain damage likely
o Courchesne (1991)
MRI scans show abnormally small cerebellum
o Drugs not really effective
o Intense social stimulation, care
Its good, and start young is even better, earlier the better
o Effectiveness depends on IQ loss
o What is Intelligence?
Intelligence is Unitary
o Galton
o Spearman
Better statistics (factor analysis)
Looks for patterns of correlations
“g” general intelligence
Given an individual several tests, there’s going to be a strong correlation
factor between all the tests “g”
Intelligence is Multiplex
o Binet
o Thurstone
“better” statistics
Independent primary mental abilities
No “g’ factor
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Document Summary

Agenda: paralanguage, facial expressions, body movement, eye contact. Males have better hand eye coordination than females. Causes of autism: brain damage likely, courchesne (1991) Its good, and start young is even better, earlier the better: effectiveness depends on iq loss. Given an individual several tests, there"s going to be a strong correlation factor between all the tests g . Given an individual several tests there is no correlation between the tests, but there might be some off correlations between them, but not very strong. Thurstone: 7 primary abilities: verbal comprehension, verbal fluency, computation, spatial visualization, associative memory, perceptual speed, reasoning. How many primary abilities are there: depends on number of tests and number of factors extracted. Other multiple models: cattel -> fluid vs. crystallized. Fluid is raw computation (decline as one grows older), crystalized is knowledge (wisdom, grow over time: gardner -> multiple intelligences, sternberg -> triarchic theory.

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