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Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Anna Freud, Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson

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PSYCH 1000

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Social Development
February 12, 2013
Next Time: Attraction
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o Attachment
o Freud’s Model
o Erickson’s Approach
o What are the results of Attachment?
o What did Freud have to say about adult development?
o Does anything happen after 18?
o The roots of social development
o Special bond forms between infant and primary caregiver
o But what accounts for the development of attachment?
o Cupboard Theory: Freud
Attachment to mom is side effect of her ability to provide basic satisfaction…
o Importance of contact comfort
Suggests that touch is very important for proper development
o Kids like stuffed toys
o Run to mom when frightened
o Premature infants discharged sooner (Field, 1986)
o Note: Bowlby
Built in attachment seeking mechanism
Social interaction
Fear of the unknown
o Free-floating anxiety
15months after birth
How to assess attachment?
o See what happens when mom leaves
Mary Ainsworth
o Ainworth’s Strange Situation
Children about 1 yr. old
Child explores new room with mom present
Stranger enters and talks to mom
Mom leaves room… stranger stays
Mom returns… stranger leaves
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