Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Noam Chomsky, Criterion Validity, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

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Published on 16 Oct 2011
Western University
Psychology 1000
Chapter 9 -Intelligence
Psychometric Approach
Next Time: More Intelligence
Read 385-398
What is intelligence?
How do you measure intelligence?
Are IQ tests biased?
Consider the following sentence "smoking volcanoes can be bad for your health". According to
Chomsky, this sentence has: 2 deep and 1 surface structure - meaning that could be there
What is intelligence?
A host of abilities (memory, creativity, etc)
What a test measures
o Pop out numbers - that measure intelligence
o Different tests measure different things
But tests can be misleading
o Make sure everything is being covered
o May not give all the things you need
Several studies indicate that unschooled people in remote villages can solve syllogisms
o Eg. All cats have 4 legs. I have four legs. Therefore, I am a cat.
o If you don’t have any remote schooling, you will not be able to solve these
Suggests that preliterate people do not (or can not) use logical analysis
o Some may say they are not as intelligent as other people
o Understand what that culture is all about before assuming this
All Kpelle men are rice farmers, Mr. Smith is not a rice farmer. Is he a Kpelle man?
o Why cant they tell you
They don’t know him
Make a prediction - they don’t talk about things they know nothing about
Such an intelligent answer that is not captured through logical approach
Ecological approach
o To understand all views
Psychometric Approach
Galton (1869)
Relatives of intelligent people - is there a biological connection?
o Yes there is
Starts research program to identify those with low ability
Measures simple motor and sensory abilities
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