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Lecture 11

Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Fundamental Attribution Error

Course Code
PSYCH 1000

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Lecture 12
Social psychology
Social Psychology
Examines how the actual, imagines or implied presence of others influence the thoughts
feelings and behaviour of influence
How people influence us and how we influence others- in thoughts feelings and
Things social Psychologists study:
How do we understand behaviour?
o Others behaviour, our own behaviour
How do we perceive others?
How we others influence our behaviour?
What makes us attracted to others
What makes us hurt or help others?
Judgements about causes of our own and other peoples behaviour and outcomes
Judgements regarding cause of action- could be yours or someone elses
Personal attribution
o Talent, laziness, intelligence etc
Situational attributions
o Circumstances, other people, luck etc
Information used in making an attribution
1. Consistency
a. Is this consistent (stable) over time?
2. Distinctiveness
a. Does it apple to this situation or all situations?
3. Consensus
a. Do others think/behave similarly?
b. Do all of toms girls agree with the same thing
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