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Lecture 5

Psychology 1000 Lecture 5: PSYCH first year chapter 4 continued notes-2

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PSYCH 1000
John Campbell

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Evolution: Is a change over time in the frequency with which particular genes - and the characteristics they produce
occur within a population
Natural Selection: characteristics that increase the likelihood of survival and ability to reproduce within a particular
environment will be more likely to be preserved in the population
Darwin knew that there was an overproduction problem: more individuals are born than survive to reproduce
He inferred that: competition among individuals in a population; only some offspring survive to reproduce
The products of natural selection are called adaptations
adaptations allow organisms to meet recurring environmental challenges to their survival thereby increasing in
reproductive ability
evolutionary psychology: seeks to understand how behavioural abilities and tendencies have evolved over
the course of millions of years in response to environmental demands
Mating systems and parental investment
The evolution of desire
Have we evolved patterns for choosing a mate and reearing our children
Parental investment
Time effort energy risk, associated with caring successfully for each offspring
Humans invest a great deal in small # of offspring
Females the one with the picking of a mate because they are more invested in children
Mating system
trivers (1972)
Sex differences in parental mating system
Each parent doesnt make the same amount of money
Have competition for sex with highest parental investment is usually the female
Sex with highest parental investment
More discrimination in mate selection
What do men and women find attractive?
success / career
personality around others
Larger physical body aspects
Good personality
intellegent / smart
Sense of humor
Shorter then him
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