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Lecture 7

Psychology 1000 Lecture 7: PSYCH first year chapter 4 part 3 continued notes

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PSYCH 1000
John Campbell

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Chapter 4 Part 3 PRECLASS:
Heredity- means the passage of characteristic from parents to offspring by way of genes
Heritability- how much of the variation in a characteristic within a population can be
Initial Encounters:
Matching Hypothesis: people of similar levels of physical attractiveness attract toward each other
However men can sometimes ‘trade’ attractiveness for resources
Evolutionary explanations
La Cerra - Attractiveness and Parental Investment
investigated whether women have. Evolved a preference for men who show parental investment
1. Standing alone
2. Smiling and playing with a child
3. With a child but not interacting
4. Ignoring a crying child
5. Doing housework (vacuuming)
Women were given all these scenarios and given to rate most attractive
Results :
most attractive: men interaticing with the child highest
Lowest: ignoring the child lowest
Same study done with men and it didn’t matter for men
evolutionary standpoint most that matter is are they most healthy and can carry their offspring
Cultural expectations about what is appropriate behaviour for each gender.
traditional role expectations for males:
1. achievement
2. aggression
3. Autonomy
4. sexuality
5. Stoicism
6. Be good and spitting game (flirting)
7. Bringing home cash $$$$$$$$$
8. protective of your loved ones
9. Not as emotional or senti bro
10. Anti - femininity?
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