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Lecture 1

Psychology 1000 Lecture 1:Premium

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PSYCH 1000
Laura Lyn Fazakas Dehoog

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Psychology 1000 Lecture 1
Professor Fazakas-Dehoog Section: Psychology 1000 002
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Use APA format when using references (ALWAYS have a reference)
Use third person passive writing
Chapter 1 - The Science of Behaviour
Psychology - the scientific study of behavior and the mind
Behavior - refers to actions and responses that we can directly observe
Mind - refers to internal states and processes, such as thoughts and feelings, that
cannot be seen directly and that must be inferred from observable, measurable
responses (EX: someones love for someone else, however can observe verbal
responses “i love you”)
Goals of Psychology:
1. To describe how people and other animals behavior
2. To explain and understand the causes of these behaviours
3. To predict how people and animals will behave under certain conditions
4. To influence or control behaviour through knowledge and control of its causes to
enhance human welfare
Basic Research - the quest for knowledge for its own sake
Applied Research - involves the application of knowledge derived from basic research
to solve practical problems. (describe how people behave and identify the factors that
influence or cause a particular type of behaviour)
Ambiguity - A word representing/meaning different things
Stimuli - Visually you can see multiple. Reading is controlled by the stimuli itself
Generality - suggests the effect is that the two inputs from the second sets in each
example competes with the color word or the presented numbers for response output.
When theres a scrambled word your brain will try to read the word no matter what it’s
automatic. Information will compete
Sensation - a physical feeling resulting from something that happens to or comes into
contact from the body.
Perception - is ability to be aware of something through our sense
(seeing is believing)
Visual - must relied on sense… humans move very slow therefore we rely on our vision
to see a faster moving creature/incoming hazards in order to get a head start and protect
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