Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Behaviorism, Ethology

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Published on 16 Nov 2011
Western University
Psychology 1000
For next time: Finish reading Chapter 1
Explanations of Behavior (all factors influence one another)
Cultural and environmental factors (more broad)
Value systems, environmental triggers, some cultures
value and reward aggression, society supports
aggressive behavior.
Environment – climate (heat) triggers aggression
Individual and psychological factors
Learning, cognitive processes, how do people
think/interpret, what happened as people grow up,
psychological perspectives for each individuals
Biological factors
Neural, hormonal, brain structures, bodily processes
*More dopamine results in a higher level of aggression over time.
Psychology – 1879 was the first time there was a field of study called
The scientific study of behavior and the mind. (4)
Schools of Psychology
Broad ways of approaching the study of psychology
Focus on the function or significance of behavior
How does a behavior (or mental process) help us to adapt
Primarily biological (could deal with the individual level as well)
Modern example – Psychobiology Neuroscience, ethology (the
study of animals in their natural habitat)
Focus on unconscious experience also known as “the mind”
Look for unresolved conflict (Look up Froid)
Importance of personality
Modern example – brief psychodynamic therapy, unconscious
processing (various influential factors that are subliminal)
Focus on behavior and forget “the mind” (opposite to the
Focus on stuff that you can see because you know it is actually
Discuss how behavior changes under various conditions
Primarily environmental
Modern example – learning theories, behavior modification
What are the different approaches to psychology?
What do psychologists do?
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