Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Visual Perception, Psychophysics, Stone Age

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17 Nov 2011
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David Molnar
October 11,
Basic Behavioural Processes
Sensation, perceiving and consciousness
Definition: The process of coming to know or knowing the outside
People can perceive things the same-but do they?
To be aware of presence you are aware of the presence. Using the
senses is the first step.
The senses were referred to as the pathways to the mind.
If perception comes via senses, how many senses are there? Pg. 95
· Visual
· Auditory
· Olfactory (smell)
· Gustatory (taste)
· Touch/haptic/cutaneous sense(s)pain, pressure, hot, cold
· Equilibrium
· Kinesthetic
Expectations (Ch.6):
Psychophysics pg. 193-201
Vision pg. 201 “hue, brightness and saturation
Colour vision pg. 205&206
Visual perception pg. 206-215
Loudness, pitch, and timbre pg. 215, 216, 218
Pain pg.
Perceptual Stability pg. 226-235
History of Psychology
Ebbinghaus-one of the early pioneers of memory
Psychology has a long past but a short history” -behaviour was
seen to be unscientific until approximately 1879. This is when Wilhelm
Wundt opened the first psychology laboratory.
Phrenology- various parts of the brain control various functions. This
will be presented by enlarged parts (bumps on the skull) of the brain.
David Molnar
October 11,
We currently live in the Neolithic age –“new stone age”
Trephining- making a hole in the skull