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Lecture 10

Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Wine Bottle, Knowledge Acquisition, Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence

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PSYCH 1000
John Campbell

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January 15, 15
Chapter 10 Continued
The Flynn Eect
He discovered that IQ scores have been increasing over time in
industrialized countries
Rapid raise in g due to enriched environmental factors, allowing
potential g to become an actual g
Which environment factors produced the Flynn eect?
-Nutrition and health
-Environmental complexity
Mostly verbal items
Single IQ score
Series of subtests
Verbal tests
Performance tests
Full-scale IQ
IQ scores of the “Gifted”
Chris Langdon – 180-190
Daniel Tammet – 150-170 “there is no such thing as proofs of
intelligence, only intelligence”
Kim Peek – 73-87
History of the concept of Intelligence
Charles Spearman:
-Is intelligence one ability or many?
-Used factor analysis, a statistical tool, to identify underlying factors
of intelligence
- Two factor theory of intelligence:
-G factor: General intelligence factor that varies across
individuals but remains stable for any one individual
-S factor: speci<c intelligence factor that varies across individuals
and abilities
Crystallized and Fluid (Cattell and Horn)
-Crystallized intelligence – ability to apply previously learned
knowledge to current problems. Most language functions.
Application of culturally acquired problem-solving methods
-Fluid intelligence – ability to deal with novel problem-solving
situations without any previous knowledge
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