Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 35: Deodorant, James W. Pennebaker, Ath

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13 Feb 2016
Kaden VanHelden
Psychology 1000 – Lecture 35: Attraction – February 11, 2016
Facilitating Factors of Attraction
1. Propinquity
oPhysical proximity
oIncreases chance that 2 people will come into contact
oBossard (1932)
50% of brides and grooms lived within 20 blocks prior to marriage
30% within 5 blocks
oFestinger et al. (1950) military base study
oEase of interaction important
Side by side vs different rows
Interact more with those in same building, floor, side-by-side
The closer you are the more you will interact
2. Mere Exposure
o“for mayor… the honorable Pulvapies”
The foot deodorant won the election over real people
The more you see someone the more you will like them
oVery robust effect
Initial reaction MUST have been neutral or mildly positive
Negative initial reaction will result in decreased liking
oIf familiarity results in liking, do we prefer familiar stimuli?
oMita, Dermer and Knight
Normal vs. mirror-image photos
You will rate mirror-reversed photo of yourself better
Friend will rate normal one better
What you are used to seeing you will rate better
oGrush et al. (1978)
In elections candidate with most media exposure will win
Unless they won last time then people already know about them and are
more likely to vote for someone else
3. Emotional State
oSchaefer visits bars
You play songs consistent with your mood
oMusic will influence attractiveness
Positive music will increase attraction
oBest pickup lines
General: Hi
Bar: Want to dance?
Restaurant: I have not been here before, what is good?
4. Physical Attractiveness
oMajor factor – important to both males and female
oNot everyone responds in the same fashion
Heterosexual men prefer “baby-faced” women
Heterosexual women prefer “mature, dominant” faces in men
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