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Lecture 22

Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Milgram Experiment, Social Influence, Disinhibition

Course Code
PSYCH 1000
Terry Biggs

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Social Inuence 02/23
Conforming to the Majority
Obedience to Authority
Conven#ons, customs and laws that apply to a group’s behavior
oDon’t stare at people
oDrive on the right side of the road
A change in a)tude behavior or belief brought about by the real or imagined pressure
from others
oWhat will others think of me
oGo alone with others requests
Conformity = Conict
oYou want to do one thing and feel you should do one thing but you don’t because
you go along with the pressure to solve the conict
1. Private Acceptance
a. This is my new standard and belief
b. You go along with it so much that you end up believing it
2. Compliance
a. You go along with the group but you don’t believe in it
b. You’re just agreeing with it against your beliefs
Non Conformity
1. Independence
a. Maintaining self belief
b. Doing what you want
2. An#-Conformity
a. You do the opposite of the group
b. Not doing what you want just doing what the group does not want
Subtle inuence
oOur behavior may be shaped by models, even in absence of direct inten#onal
Response Disinhibi#on
oModel performs desired, but prohibited act
oSo you do what the model does
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