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Psychology 1000 Lecture Notes - Hadley Cantril, Dream Interpretation, Genital Stage

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PSYCH 1000
Terry Biggs

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Genital Stage
- Sexual activity is a representation of conquest
- Females want to dominate and control makes
- Cannot have mature heterosexual relationssships
- Starts at around 10 yrs old
- Pre- pubescence
- Relied havily on work of frueds daushter Hannah freud
- Habits of cleanliness deteriorate
- No new elements, revival of tendencies from infancy
- Behaviour may become erratic
- Non neurotic with sublimation
- Adulthood is an elaboration of the advances that occurred in infancy and
early childhood
- Adulthood spend time trying to solve…
- Freud’s psycho analysis came from his experiences, used dream analysis
- All species strive to procreate, instinctual drive to keep on living and
- Behaviour was psychogenetic and biologically influences
- Neo-Freudians ex. Adler- increased influence of social factors
- Freud was first to study unconscious effects on human Behaviour
Personality Beyond Freud
Humanistic, social cognitive approaches and personality measurement
Allport (1937-1948) “ the dynamic organization within the individual of
those psychophysical systems that determine his or her unique adjustment “
Cattell(1950) that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a
given situation
McClelland (1951) the most adequate conceptualization of a person
behavior in all tis detail that a scientist can give in a moment of time”
Guilford (1959)- a persons unique pattern of traits
Pervin(1984)- personality references those characteristics of the person or
of people generally that account for consistent patterns of behavior
So What is Personality?
People differ from each other in meaningful ways
People show consistency in some behavior
Personality: distinctive and relatively enduring ways of thinking, feeling and
The Humanistic Perspective
Bugental (1967-70) humanistic psychology has its ultimate goal the
preparation of a complete description of what it means to be alive as a
human being
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