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Chapter 10

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Psychology 2011A/B

Chapter 10: Conclusion Recapitulation of Thematic Threads o Chapter 1= 10 thematic threads regarding fundamental questions about nature of reality Physio, Cognitive, and Experiential Perspectives o 1 thread= 3 perspectives of consciousness o Physiological perspective= discussions of sleep and psychedelic states o Cognitive perspective= dreaming and OBE’s o Experiential perspective= transcendence and near death experiences o need to be established more fully o psychoneuroimmunology when trying to understand how psychological events can affect physiological ones Material vs. Transcendent Beliefs o ways in which phenomena are conceptualized, kinds of research programs carried out, interpretation of results of research depend on belief of investigators o important in beliefs of consciousness and reality o scientists should look at the data rather than their predilections Delusional vs. Veridical Experiences o transcendental interpretations of reality o raises questions like: do we relly know whats in our minds? Are there really presences that can be sensed? Do some dreams foretell the future? Are people actually being abducted by aliens? Are there previous lives? o Our beliefs about consciousness and reality will determine the answers to the above o Need to learn more about introspection, follow empirical evidence o Is the ordinary world actually real of is it imaginary? Mundane vs. Extraoridnary Phenomena o Regarding questions of a veridical nature of experiences is wether phenomena occurring in altered states is mundane or extraordinary o Is hypnosis ordinary cognition triggered by social situation or is it a special state? o Scientism world is a boring place and anything interesting that happens can be explained in mundane terms o May be true but should be used as judgmental heuristic for judging individual events Meaningless Versus Meaningful Events o Are dreams meaningful? o Research is needed to understand any ways in which nonrational meaningfulness and knowledge can occur o Research necessary to understand the symbolic interpretation of events in altered states Lateral vs. Vertical Meaningfulness o Meaningful laterally through consideration of the use of ways of knowing other than the rational o Vertical= deepening of meaning such as with Merrell-Wolffs introception o Existential questions have been resolved in some transcendent states kuz of noetic quality of such states o What are cognitive physiology correlates of the deepening of meaning? o Is it possible to develop meditation techniques that could be used by scientists to facilitate the occurence of transcendant experiences for themselves, as an investigative method? Psychopathology vs. Well Being o Psychopathology= schizo, sleep disorders, DID, and drug use impairments o Tendency to regard altered states like shamanic soul journeying as pathological but there are many difference
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