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Lecture 2

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Psychology 2015A/B
Stephen Lupker

Lecture#2: -study of psychophysics (Fechner) -dualism (two entities) -monism (one entity) -Fechner was working with monism -needs to reach an intensity when you pass threshold and can say yes heard it, yes smell it -increase intensity to the point that you can recognize that there is a stimulus there psychometric function: describes the relationship between a parameter of a physical stimulus and the responses of a person who has to decide about a certain aspect of that stimulus 2 methods to measure physical intensity 1. method of limits: take stimulus around threshold level and present stimulus and then increase intensity little by little. Eventually you will cross over threshold and persons response will change from no to yes. Therefore you can estimate where abouts the absolute threshold is. 2. method of constant stimuli: pick 7-10 different intensity stimuli and present them say 10 times each in random order. Always say yes on same intervals so you will know which points are below and which points are above the absolute threshold level. -Fechner came up with rules to follow: repeat multiple trials, going down and going up because people tend to react in weird ways. (people anticipate for example if you go down, they know they will have to say no they cant hear it eventually) * called error of anticipation Error of preservation: perservate with their answer, may continue to just keep saying yes even when gone below threshold level. -robot experiment whether he heard the bell or not (repeated 10 times) Calculate mean ascending (6.3) and mean descending (7.3) = combined mean of 6.8 (threshold) meaning once the bell was under the level of 6.8 he couldn’t hear it *using methods of limits Method of constant stimuli -theres always spontaneous activity going on in senses (hear the ocean in seashells)- always neurons firing -the point in time when asked if you heard the bell could be the same time these neurons decide to fire so you may say yes you heard the bell when it was just spontaneous activity in your head How different do two stimuli have to be to notice they are diff? -use same two procedures but alter a little • Method of Limits -start out with a standard (intensity of standard) -present others say if the “other” is the same or diff from standard -weights: standard
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