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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Drugs and behaviour -2020B - 2013 Caffeine World’s consumption (80% of the Canada:70mg world’s population consumes caffeine) US: 210 MG Sweden: 240 mg UK(biggest consumers): 450mg Caffeine per cup Coffee: 100 mg Tea: 50 mg Cola can: 40 mg Lethal dose: 200mg/kg 200lb person - 150cups of coffee - 90 vivarin tablets Xanthines Coffeine: methylxanthines Dimethylxanthines: theoplylline and theobromine Increases octopamine: excitatory neurotransmitter to insects – overexcitation adn death Methylxathine Coffee Tea Yerba mate – steeping like a tea Guarana(also has theoplylline and theobromine) south America: brewed/energy drinks Kola nut Cacao Tea Earliest caffeine Theophylline China(2773 BC) – Shen Nung – marijuana, epinephrine,another stimulant Eastern Asia – 1500’s Euroupe – Russia: large urns - samovars England – exchange with opium – Opium Wars – 1800’s Canada – Hudson’s Bay Company – 1716 Tim horton’s: Black Tea (50,60,90) Green tea – polyphenol - (20,25,35) Coffee Ethiopian/yemenite – goats – berries of a plant Ottaman Empire - Sultan Murad IV (1633) – baned coffee Europe – “wine of islams” England – coffeehouses – 1600’s King Charles II (1675) – Proclamation for the suppression of coffee houses Coffeehouses – penny universities Tim Horton’s – 80,100,140 Starbucks – 180, 260, 330 Caffeine only xanthine in coffee Cola drinks Canadians: 85L per year (1 can a day) US: 216L per year (3 cans a day) Energy drinks Guarana Red bull:80 mg Throttle: 150 mg Energy and mental alertness Acute improvements: cognitive performance and mood Slight relation between alcohol and energy drinks Chocolate Methylxanthine theobromine Aztecs – Spanish Spanish princesses – Loius XII and XIV Wealth since sugar and cacao was expensive Thebromine(1/10 of caffeine): 240ml milk chocolate – 40mg 1 g Cocoa powder – 20mg
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