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Western University
Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

BAC • chemicals slow down absorption • food slows down absorption • carbonation speeds up absorption • lean body mass ⿞alcohol is distributed in water,the more water you have the better it is distributed ⿞the person with more fat,less volume of water thus more distributes through the blood ‣ women have higher body fat percentage thus have higher BAC • Alcohol dehydrogenase ⿞alcohol metabolized by stomach prior to reaching blood stream Metabolism ofAlcohol • acetaldehyde ⿞can produce toxic reactions ⿞antibuse given to alcoholics,prevents acetaldehyde breakdown to acetic acid ⿞Flushing reaction - genetic Effects of alcohol are always greater on the ascending part of the curve than they are on the descending Male,180 lb 2 beers in 1 hour • BAC = 0.028 ⿞mild effect Female 180lb 2 beers in 1 hour • BAC = 0.033 Male 180 lb 10 beers in 2 hours • BAC = 0.192 Female 150 lb 10 beers in 1 hours • BAC = 0.286 Male 200lb 27 beers 1 hour • BAC = 0.532 LD50 = 0.45,however the BAC for passing out is lower than 0.45 Innate sensitivity - the effects of alcohol that are genetic Alcohol effects • know LD 50 • know BAC for blackouts BehaviouralAtaxia & loss of motor coordination • measure by finger to finger test • device to measure human stability ⿞metal plate with ball bearings under it- human stands on it • tilting plane ⿞tilted surface with wire mesh on it,angle increases • rotorod test ⿞rodent on rotating tube • moving belt (treadmill) Effects on Body temp &Vasodilation • causes vasodilation ⿞thus more heat is lost • lowers core body temp • Humans ⿞broken blood vessels in upper cheeks ⿞red nose Impaired judgement related to driving • 4 x greater risk as BAC reaches 0.1 - 0.14 • 25x higher when BAC is 0.4-0.8 • Behavioural (motor skills) ⿞impairs reaction time ⿞peripheral vision • Cognitive ⿞impairs judgement Alcohol impairments on cognitive tasks • ie.card sorting task • the simpler the task the higher the BAC to see an impact Alcohol and Carioprotective effects • French Paradox ⿞diet high in cream,butter,high cholesterol foods ‣ yet heart disease was lower than in other places with better diets • alcohol consumed in moderation (2 drinks per day in men 1 drink in women) increases HDL (lowers chole
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