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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

Psychology 2020DrugsBehaviour Lecture 1 Each drug has 4 drug namesGeneric or non propetiary Trade Chemical and streetWere interested in recreational drug use GenericAmphetamineTradeBenzedrine Dexedrine StreetBenniesDexies Chemical137 trimethylxanthineThese drugs are primarily used for psychoactive effectseffects in behaviour for instanceChemical names allow us to see relatiosnhipsEcstasymethylated amphetamine its a modification of amphetamine Has stimulant properties and hallucinogenicChemical namediacetylmorphine heroin changes lipid solubulity morphine isnt too lipid soluble heroin ismuch more rewarding hits brain rapidlyGeneric name can be used by any drug company Only 1 company can market a trade name ie ProzacAll drugs marketed have a trade name only 1 company can make oxycontin but any company can make oxycodonegeneric name Street names typically what we are most interested in can be derivatives of trade names Street names include Red Birds red capsules Yellowyellow birds blue etc actually name of drug can reflect characteristic of capsule itselfCommon street namethe love drugsells sexlove also cat for cathenol is a street nameDrug AdminstrationDrug is admisntered absorbed distrubted metabolized and eliminatiedpharmacokinetics pharmacodynamicsinteraction with receptor You dont want drugs that act too rapidly cause it might shut off to rapidly nor too slowthats if recreational if medically then thats fineyou want it to take long time if it lasts a long time Recreationalyou want an onset of 1520 minutes outset of 3 4 hours The liver is the major site of drug metabolismdrugs taken orally are object to some metabolism before having access to the CNSthis usually occurs when its converted to inactive metabolite ORAL route is the most typical route of administration Mucous membranesnasally rectally vaginally through skin etc Absorption through skin is usually accidental for instance Albert Hoffmans famous LSD trip Most drugs are bases slightly alkaline weak bases This is important because bases in acidic environmentionized Ie drug in stomach will be ionized wont be passed down to much The further away from stomach less acidicbases less ionizedabsorbed more easily How quickly drugs get absorbed how rapidly they are absorbedshould you take with food etc Livermajor site for metabolic breakdown of drugs first pass metabolismSome drugs although rare can be inactivemetabolizedthen active P450 enzymes in liverinducible If their subject to a lot of metabolic activity because people are taking drugs they ramp up their activity If somebody stops taking drugs then those ramped up incline will continueitll eat something else upie alcoholicstypically drink induces itstarts metabolizing alcohol if no alcohol is drunk anymore starts taking sex hormoneslower sex drive Mucous membranesabsorption through capillaries the rigidness of them ie cocainecauses profound facial construction blood vessels constrictso snorting cocaine its typicalits not really effective Its more effective smoking it Vaginarich source of blood capillaries drugs can be absorbed Salem Witch Trialsthey rode poles and accidently were absorbing drugs hallucinations ie flying
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