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Monday January 16th Lecture Notes

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Western University
Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

thLecture 2Monday January 16CAFFEINE pg28Most commonly used psychoactive drug Every day up to 80 of the worlds population consumes something containing caffeine Typical cup of coffee contains 100mg of caffeineTypical cup of tea contains 50mg of caffeine Methylxanthines occur naturally in some plantsxanthines serve a protective purposeTea is considered the earliest caffeine containing beverageChina 2737 BC o Spread from ChinaJapanEurope primarily EnglandRussia o Dutch East India company played central role in introductionspread of tea in Europe o British forced the Chinese to accept opium in payment for tea because it was so high in demandOpium Warsmid 1800s o First tea shipment to Canada Hudsons Bay Company 1716 o Highest per capita consumption of tea today occurs in Turkeythe UKo Green tea and black tea come from the same plantfor black tea leaves are fermented and this apparently destroys the polyphenols that occur in green tea Discovery of coffeeEthiopianYemenite goat herder noticed his goats eating berries of a plant and then go into a state of behavioural excitationo Coffee bean roasting and grinding spread in Africa and the Middle Easto Sporadic attempts to ban coffee on religious grounds that coffee was an intoxicant like alcoholbans were always shortlivedo Coffeehouses bega
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