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Wednesday January 18th Lecture Notes

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Psychology 2020A/B
Riley Hinson

thLecture 3Wednesday January 18More Facts About CaffeineCaffeine was isolated from coffeetea in 18301827o Most often taken orallyo Rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tracto Halflife of 5 hourso Peak blood concentration after 1 hour peak CNS effects in 2 hours Immediate energy boost after drinking coffee is falseprobably based on the placebo effecto Metabolized in the liver to an inactive formo Largeof it excretedo Certain SSRIs antidepressants tend to inhibit the enzymatic activity that breaks down caffeine People taking antidepressants are at an increased risk to experience adverse reactions from caffeineo Smokers metabolize caffeine quickero Pregnancy and contraceptives slow down caffeine metabolism Halflife of caffeine during pregnancy is 10 hours Caffeine is an antagonist at adenosine receptors in both the periphery and CNSo Adenosine suppresses neural activityinduces sleepiness and relaxationBlocking of this neurotransmitter leads to neural excitationfightorflightlike reaction Some psychological effects of caffein
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