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Psychology 2030A/B
David Vollick

The Interaction of Genetic and Environmental Effects Eric Kandel- learning  activation of dormant genes o Continued brain development The Diathesis-Stress Model - Examples include blood-injury-injection phobia and alcoholism Reciprocal Gene-Environment Model - Examples include depression (based on research by Toronto psychologist Randy Katz), divorce and impulsivity Non-Genomic Inheritance of Behavior (Epigenetics) - Genes are not the whole story: e.g. critical periods - Cross fostering studies of development Neuroscience and the Divisions of the Brain Forebrain (Cerebral Cortex) - Location of most sensory, emotional and cognitive processing - Two specialized hemispheres (left and right) joined by the corpus callosum Lobes of Cerebral Cortex - Frontal thinking and reasoning abilities, memory - Pariental touch recognition - Occipital integrates visual input - Temporal recognition of sights and sounds and long-term memory storage Limbic System- hippocampus, cingulated, gyrus, septum, and amygala Basal ganglia (including caudate nucleus) Neuroscience Contributions to Psychopathology The role of the nervous system in disease and behavior The Central Nervous System (CNS) - Brain and spinal cord The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) - Somatic and autonomic branches Neuroscience: Peripheral Nervous and Endocrine Systems Somatic branch of PNS - Continuous voluntary muscles and movement Autonomic Branch of the PNS - Sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the ANS - Regulates cardiovascular syst
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