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Lecture 8

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Psychology 2030A/B
David Vollick

Abnormal Psychology Chapter 9 Physical Disorders and Health Psychology pp307351Physical Disorders and Health An Overview pp307Psychological Behavioural and Social FactorsPsychological Approaches to Health and Disease o Behavioural Medicineprevention diagnosis treatment of medical illness o Health Psychologypsychological factors in promotion of health o Psychosomaticsuggests no biological componentDSMIV and Physical Disorders o Coded on Axis III o Recognize that psychological factors can affect medical conditionsHow Do Psychological and Social Factors Influence Medical Illness pp307Two Primary Paths o Psychological factors can influence basic biological processes o Longstanding behaviour pattern may put people at risk for diseaseHans Selye pp309Montreal scientistexperimented with ratsCause of physical problems experienced by the rats with stressTheorybody goes through several stages in response to sustained stressOverview of Stress and the Stress Response pp309Nature of Stress o Stressphysiological response of an individual to a stressorvaries from person to personStress Response and the General Adaptation Syndrome o Phase 1Alarm response sympathetic nervous system arousal o Phase 2State of resistance mobilized coping and action o Phase 3State of exhaustion chronic stress permanent damageBiology of Stress pp309310The Function of the Hippocampus in HYPACStress Response Cycle o Stress activates the sympathetic branch of the ANS o Hypothalamus secretes corticotropin releasing factor CRF which activates the pituitary gland which activates the adrenal gland which secretes cortisolHPA axis activation o The hippocampus is very sensitive to cortisol and if stimulated helps turn off the stress response o Chronic stress may damage cells in hippocampus o Damage to hippocampal cells interferes with stopping the HPA loopPsychological and Social Factors Their Relation to Stress Psychology pp310311Primate Research High and Low Social Status
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