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Psychology 2030A/B
David Vollick

Chapter 9 physical disorders and health psychology Physical disorders and health an overviewPsychologist behavioural and social factors biopsychosocial modelPsychological approaches to health and disease o Behavioural medicine prevention diagnosis treatment of medical illness o Health psychology psychological factors in promotion of health change life styles o Psychosomatic problem suggests no biological component its in your mindDSMIV and physical disorders o Coded on axis III physical disorder o Recognize that psychological factors can affect medical conditions Overview of stress and the stress responseNature of stress o Stress physiological response of an individual to a stressor varies from person to personStress response and the general adaptation syndrome Hans Selye o Put rat in stressful situation and look at the biological response the rat died at the end o Phase 1 alarm response sympathetic nervous system arousal o Phase 2 state of resistance mobilized coping and action o Phase 3 state of exhaustion chronic stress permanent damage Biology of stressThe function of the hippocampus in HYPACstress response cycle o Stress activates the sympathetic branch of the ANS automatic nervous system o Hypothalamus secretes corticotropinreleasing factor which activates the pituitary gland which secretes cortisol HPA axis activationThe hippocampus is very sensitive to cortisol and if stimulated helps turn off the stress responseChronic stress may damage cells in hippocampusinterfering with stopping the HPA loop Psychological and social factors their relation to stress physiologyPrimate research high and low social status o High cortisol is associated with low social statusFewer lymphocytes go after genes and destroy them and immune suppressionLess sensitive to cortisol less efficiency in turning off the stress response o Dominant males benefit from stability predictability and controllability The immune system overview and its functionsFunction of the immune system o Identify and eliminate antigans foreign materials from the body o Leukocytes WBC white blood cells are primary agentsLeukocytes subtypes and functions o Killer T virusescancer o Helper T tell killer T to destroy and B cells to make antibodies
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