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Lecture 10

Psychology 2030A/B Lecture 10: Chapter 10

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Psychology 2030A/B
Bruce Morrison

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1 Chapter 10 SubstanceRelated Disorders Perspectives on SubstanceRelated Disorders Danny, who has poly substance use (use of multiple moodand behavior altering substances) broke into a gas station and stole money. He smokes and drinks beer with his friends. He drinks until he gets drunk, and also experimented with other drugs; he attended college and failed most of his courses. He rarely held a job for more than a few months. He needed help and planned to check into an alcohol rehab centre, he still would not admit to using other drugs. Danny later resumed his drinking and using drugs and was arrested for robbing the place where he worked. Levels of involvement Substance refers to chemical compounds that re ingested to alter mood or behavior Psychoactive substances Which alter mood andor behavior to become intoxicated or high, to abuse these substances, and become dependent on or addicted to them. Substance Use The ingestion of psychoactive substances in moderate amounts that does not significantly interfere with social, educational, or occupational functioning Intoxication Our physiological reaction to ingested substancesdrunkenness or getting highis referred to as substance intoxication. Ex: mood changes, lowered motor ability Substance Abuse DSMIVTR defines substance abuse in terms of how significantly it interferes with the users life. Ex: if it disrupts your education, if you have related legal problems, you would be considered a drug abuser. Dannys use of multiple substanceswould classify him as drug dependent, which indicates a severe form of the disorder. Substance dependence Drug dependence is usually described as addiction. Maladaptive pattern of substance use characterized by the need for increased amounts to achieve the desired effect, negative physical effects when the substance is withdrawn, unsuccessful efforts to control its use, and substantial effort expended to seek it or recover from its effects Tolerance Need for increased amounts of substance to achieve the desired effect, and diminished effect with continued use of the same amount Withdrawal severely negative physiological reaction to removal of a psychoactive substance which can be alleviated by the same or similar substance Alcohol withdrawal delirium is where a person can experience frightening hallucinations and body tremors. The DSMIVTR definition of substance dependence combines the physiological aspects of tolerance and withdrawal with the behavioral and psychological aspects
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