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Lecture 2

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Psychology 2030A/B
David Vollick

LECTURE 2JAN 16 2012 HUMANISTIC THEORY PG 2324 y Carl Rogers Abraham Maslow and Fritz Perls Gestalt y Major theme o That people are basically good o Weve become messed up in order to please other people o Humans strive toward selfactualization o No past experienceswhat can be done to help you realize your self y Treatment o Therapist conveys empathy genuineness and unconditional positive regard o Minimal therapist interpretationnondirective THE BEHAVIOURAL MODELPG 2427EXAMy Derived from a scientific approach to the study of psychopathology y Ivan Pavlov John B Watson and classical conditioning o A ubiquitous form of learning o Conditioning involves correlation between neutral stimuli and unconditioned stimuli o Conditioning was extended to the acquisition of fearAlbertMary Cover JonesPeterextinction of fearJoseph Wolpesystematic desensitizationreducing anxieties y Edward Thorndike BF Skinner and operant conditioning o Another ubiquitous for of learning o Most voluntary behaviour is controlled by the consequences that follow behaviourReinforcement positiveand negativeincreases behaviour candyshockPunishment positiveand negative decreases behavioury Steffy et al Torontoreinforcement to decrease patients violent activity and increase selfcare and social responsibility y Both learning traditions classical and operant greatly influenced THE BEGINNINGS OF BEHAVIOUR THERAPY PG 2527 y Reactionary movement against psychoanalysis and nonscientific approaches y Early pioneersinstrumental in developing the behavioural approach o Joseph Wolpesystematic desensitization extinguishing fear o Hans Eysenckconditioning therapy conditioning to pleasant things o Aaron Beckcognitivecognitivebehavioural therapy o Albert Bandurasocial learning learn from watching role models o Stanley Rachmanone of the original founders of the behaviour therapy approach y Behavioural therapy tends to be timelimited y Strong evidence supporting the efficacy of behaviour therapy
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