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Lecture 1

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Psychology 2030A/B
David Vollick

LECTURE 1JAN 9 2012 CHAPTER 1ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR IN HISTORICAL CONTEXT NORMAL BEHAVIOUR y Whats psychologically normal o Majority o Function autonomously o Perceive reality o Regulated moods o Relate nonviolently o Not severely stressed MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR y Bizarre y Different in kind y Former patients are unstable and dangerous y Ashamed y Ones susceptibility y Weak in character y Mental illness is a hopeless situation TOWARD A DEFINITION OF ABNORMAL BEHAVIOURPG 23y Psychological dysfunction o Breakdown in cognitive emotional or behavioural functioning y Distress or impairment o Difficulty performing appropriate and expected rolestasks o Impairment is set in the context of a persons background y Atypical or unexpected cultural response o Reaction is outside cultural norms ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR DEFINEDPG 5y Psychological disorder and psychological abnormality are used interchangeably y Mental illness is a less preferred termstay away from stigmatizing disorders adds negativity y Psychopathology is the scientific study of psychological disorders THE DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUAL DSMIV y Widely accepted system for classifying psychological problems and disorders
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