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Gender Socialization

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Western University
Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Part 3: gender role socialization (pg.350-353) A. the role of parents: - they perceive baby boys and girls differently - they behave differently toward them -- at a very young age (reacting to fussiness) -- and when the child gets older: -boys are encouraged to develop “wings” -girls are encouraged to develop “roots” - they encourage gender-appropriate play (eg, toys (aided by toy manufacturers) > difference between boys and girls alley: - “amazing ally” and the “tuff talkin’ wrestlers” What are they little girls learning? - are they developing along the socially-oriented “communal” dimension? - are they learning to be “caring, nurturing, affectionate, helpful”? (picture: little boy at work bench, little girl in the kitchen) B. The Role of Schools: - teachers behavior (pg.351) - educational material C. The role of peer groups: 1. Age 6, kids from “same-sex” peer groups – emphasize traditional gender roles 2. Difference in play: - boys: play in large groups (games with complex rules; lots of competition and aggression) - girls: small girls, cooperation 3. Different “communication styles”; - girls: polite requests and suggestions D. The role of the media: 1. What books and tv programs teach… - about females: > there aren’t many of them > limited number of roles > spend most of their time indoors - about males: > lots of them > spend more time outdoors > variety of different roles more recently: “genderless” characters?  teleatubies from older books: goldilocks and the three bears what is ba
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