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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

December 2 , 2013 Psychological Disorders: Definitions, Causes, & Treatments  Drugs used to treat anxiety are the most popular prescribed drug Part 1: What is a Psychological Disorder? A. Abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviour B. What is “abnormal”? a. Deviation from normal – problem with this is that people who are extremely happy and successful would be considered abnormal b. Dysfunctional (maladaptive) c. Causes Personal Distress (suffering)  The “three D’s”: deviant, dysfunctional, and distressing C. Problems with definition:  Definitions of normal and abnormal: o Are influenced by cultural norms and values o Change over time within a culture  Distress and Dysfunction are subjective states (not objective states)  Not clear how much deviance, distress, and dysfunction is required before classified as a psychological disorder o Normal and abnormal exist on a continuum D. The DSM “multiaxial” classification system (p. 444; don’t memorize the details) Part 2: What Causes Psychological Disorders? A. The Demonic persepective  Evil spirits invade the body  Drill a hole so spirits can escape (or burned witches during the middle ages) B. The Medical perspective  Abnormal biological functioning  E.g., Ch. 14: anxiety, depression, schizophrenia stem from abnormal levels of chemicals in the brain C. The Psychological perspective(s)  Freud’s Psychodynamic perspective o Conflicts between id, ego, and superego – structures of the mind, not brain o According to him anxiety stems from unconscious conflict between these three  The Behavioural perspective (see classical and operant conditioning, p. 449- 50) o We learn abnormal behaviours – they lie outside the person December 2 , 2013 o Situational factors o Focused on basic learning processes (operand and classical conditioning)  The Cognitive perspective o We learn abnormal ways of thinking/cognition o If scared of s
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