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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Interpersonal AttractionLoveSSC 7429Why are we attracted to other people We like to affiliate w other peopleoEsp noticeable when we look at others denied the company of othersTrue life event 1960s Dean of Indiana university set out on an adventure to east coast of US 51 days later he arrived in Ireland He was tired haggered moldy after a solo trip across the Atlantic ocean but also very lonelyoWhen asked whether he would do it again a clear NOIt was too much of an ordeal I found the loneliness of the second month excruciating Ive always thought of myself as selfsufficient Found that life wo people had no meaning Had a definite need for someone to talk to someone real and alive Another True Life Ex Happened around same time as Dean of Indiana A professor at Columbia University asked students offered them 50 a day to stay in a room alone without any contact with the outside world They only get fed under the door No TV no radio no newso50 a day back then would be 200 in todays currencyoNo one was able to last in a room for more than 8 daysoGiven around our need to be around people wonder why were not attracted to everyonePart I Interpersonal attractionPart 1 Specific Factors pg 274280AIn initial encounters1Proximity2Familiarity3Physical attractivenessBWhen getting acquainted
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