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Person Perception: Attribution and Errors

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Person Perception Attribution and Errors November 21 2011 To know one self is wisdom But to know ones neighbor is genious MAntrim Part 1 Attribution Theory Perceiving the Causes of Behaviour A Fritz Heider 1944 a Perceiving stability in an unstable world b How do we perceive stability in an unstable world iHeiders Insights 1 We perceive stability by making attributions a Persons Attributions i Aka dispositional internal attributiosn ii Reflect stable properties of people b Environmental attributions i Aka situational external attributions ii Reflect stable properties of environment 2 We have a need to perceive stability a Gives us a sense of understanding prediction and control ii Person attributiosn depend on perceived intentions 1 Equifinality Persons behaviour is directed toward a single goal despite changes in the circumstances a Conclude that person intended the behaviour sets the stage for person attributionscause of behaviour stems from within the person B Correspondent Interference Theory JonesDavis From Acts to dispositionsa A twostep process NOT the same as p216 i Step 1 Was thebehaviour intended 1 Was the behaviour freely chosen 2 Person could foresee consequences of behaviour a If no behaviour is perceived as unintended cant infer anything about persons disp b If yes behaviour is perceived as intended proceed to Step 2 ii Step 2 Make a dispositional attribution or correspondent inference 1 Same Label can be used to describe behaviour and underlying disposition eg friendly behaviour friendly person 2 How do we do this Two approaches a Analysis of noncommon effects associated with chosen actionNote 1
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