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November 14 lecture

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Western University
Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

12182011 21300 PM Cognitive MoralPsychosocial DevelopmentPart 1 Cognitive development Piagets theory trained as a biologist not a psychologist To earn extra cash he took a job as the binet institute in paris At the binet institute they were creating a new IQ test Now the stanfordbinet iq test The mistakes children were making taught him about how cognitive abilities develop Piaget developed a general theory of cognitive developmentFour stages of development 1 Sensorimotor stage age 02 years infants cant represent objects in thought can only respond to what they see hear touch experience with their senses lack an understanding of object permanence objects continue to exist even when they cant be seen 2 preoperational stage age 27 use language representational thought understanding of concepts in weak abstract ideas about what a group of objects has in common cats meow dogs bark rely on one property to define concepts engages in animistic thinking if an object moves it must be alive thinking tends to be egocentric perceive world in terms of their own perspective assume other people see world as they do leave out important background info lack firm grasp of causeeffect relations eg will a bike work if you remove the chain also assume that effect is cause eg why does the sun go down Because I go to sleep Why did Timmy fall off his bike Because he broke his arm Dont understand logical operations Eg conservation Properties of objectsare conserved even if you change the shape of object Conservation of liquid water in tall glass holds more than water in a short glass Conservation of substance roll out ball to pancake now bigger
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