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Stress and coping

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

12182011 21700 PM StressCoping The role of perceived control Prologue what is perceived control Control deprivation in animals Learned helplessness in people Reactions to illness Controlling our thoughtsAn expected responseoutcome contingency if you do X you will achieve outcome YQ is perceived control importantPart 1 Control deprivation in animals 1964 Dog in shuttlebox Dog in one side of box light comes on then shock applied to floor of box escape shock by jumping to other side of the box eventually they learn to jump over hurdle and learn to avoid the shock Another dog in shuttle light comes up shock begins but dog sits there and accepts shocks until shock turned off doesnt learn anything Difference both previously placed in harness The harness had a light and shock both received the same shocks but the first dog learned in this harness that it could control these shocks by moving its headOnce it knew it had control in the harness it knew it could control shocks in shuttle boxPrior exposure to uncontrollable shocks in harness learned helplessness LH occurs in a wide variety of animals LH generalizes to new situations Eg If dog learns it cant control shocks it later has difficulty learning that it can control whether it gets food Animals can be immunized against LH by providing prior experiences with control eg if control in harness dog has difficulty learning it cant control shocks in shuttle box
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