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interpersonal love & attraction

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

12182011 23000 PM When denied the company of others we experience bad feelings Indiana uni dean took a boat alone from east coat of US 51 days later he arrived in Ireland very lonely would not do it again Life without people had no meaning Prof at Columbia offered students 50day to stay in a room alone without any contact No one stayed longer than 8 days one student lasted 20 minutesInterpersonal Attraction Part 1 specific factors text 247280 Initial encounters Proximity Familiarity Physical attractiveness Getting acquainted Reciprocal liking SimilarityPart 2 General Theories of Attraction Reinforcement affect model Rewards lead to positive affect feelings Punishments lead to negative affect feelings Well like people who reward us and dislike people who punish us But thats not all Well likedislike people even when they dont cause our posneg feelings They simply have to be present when we experience positive or negative affect Ex placed in room with stranger room either good or hot survey on how much they like person stranger liked more in comfortable temperatureSocial exchange theories focus on attraction in relationships Relationship exists whenever people interact on a regular basis A satisfaction with a relationship depends on Rewards what the person receives Costs what person contributes B rewards and costs can be expressed in terms of a ratio RC
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