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Interpersonal Attraction and Love

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Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Interpersonal AttractionLovePsychology professor at Columbia University offered awards to students who will be kept in absolute solitudemaximum was 8 days Interpersonal Attraction Part 1 Specific Factors p 247280 A In initial encounters a Proximity b Familiarity c Physical attractiveness B When getting acquainted a Reciprocal liking b Similarity Part 2 General Theories of Attraction I The ReinforcementAffect Model a Rewards lead to positive affect feelings Punishments lead to negative affectpeople who reward us and dislike people who punish us b Well likeBut thats not all c Well likedislike people even when they dont cause our positivenegative feelings i They simply have to be present when we experience positive or negative affect eg hot rooms bad news unpleasant music ii When participants were waiting for in a hot room showed negative affect toward strangers II Social Exchange Theories Relationship exists whenever people interact on a regular basis a Satisfaction with a relationship depends on i Rewards what person receives ii Costs what person contributesp 281 b Rewards and Costs can be expressed in terms of a ratioR C c When rewards equal or exceed costs we will be satisfied with the relationship d When costs exceed rewards we will be dissatisfied
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