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Sex & Gender

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Western University
Psychology 2035A/B
Doug Hazlewood

SexGender Becoming Male or Female The Role of Biology and SocializationPart 1 Reproductive Biology Prenatal Sexual Differentiation A The Genetic Factor y Begins at conception sperm fertilizes egg o Mothers egg X sex chromosome o Fathers sperm X or Y sex chromosome y If X sperm fertilizes egg genetic female XX y If Y sperm fertilizes egg genetic male XY B Gonadal Factor evelopment of reproductive organs testes or ovaries y o epends on Y chromosomeIf present a Stimulates development of testes b Inhibits development of ovariesTrue HermaphroditesProblemsy Genetic female XX with tiny piece of Y chromosome attached XXy y Big enough to stimulate development of testes not big enough to inhibit development of ovaries therefore BOTHborn with both genitalia C The Hormonal Factor development of sex organs penis or clitoris and vagina y Testes produce androgens much higher in male o When androgens are present penis develops The Adam Principle o When androgens are absent clitoris and vagina develop The Eve Principle y Problems a The Adrenogenital syndrome y Genetic female with unusually active adrenal glands produce androgens y Fetus develops sex organs that appear to be male clitoris is enlarged vagina is fused b Androgeninsensitivity syndrome y Genetic male with normal testes that produce normal levels of androgens y But body is insensitive to androgens o Sex organs have female appearance testes inside the body If everything goes as planned you are now a biological male or female end of prenatal sexual differentiation But you cant reproduce
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